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The MASTER.TGV machining center with 6 interpolated axes is equipped with a very rigid gantry frame, ideal for machining elements for chairs, furniture, tables, beds, shells, stairs, musical instruments, moulds, etc.

Variable geometry tables (a Bacci patent).The support surface of each working table is composed of two rails with adjustable c/c distance. The rails are made of steel to ensure proper rigidity during even the heaviest machining work, long service life and constant precision. The rails are designed to bring the vacuum suction inwards, and M8 holes to fix the templates are provided at 50 mm c/c distance. Dovetail guides are provided along all the edges of the rails to block and move pneumatic clamps, stops, suction cups and other equipments.



NC Full digital axes

N. 6

Longitudinal X axes

3,000 mm or more

Transversal Y axes

1,800 mm or more

Vertical Z axis

750 mm or more

Standard table length

1,170 mm

B axis


C axis





 2150 mm
















 38 rpm


 38 rpm

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