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N-1325 Series Engraving machine


Entire steel frame structure, high temperature to make the frame regain the same steel feature of high strength, ensure the bed undeformable.

Working table movement style structure, scientific and reasonable table design. Optional automatic oil lubrication system, free maintenance.

The machine bed is precisely processed mechanically, servo driving system of Japanese brand. Optional ATC with the highest control system from Taiwan.

 Imported grinding ball screws for three axises.

The large-scale straight-liner square guiding track is imported from Taiwan with high steel feature.

Vacuum and adsorption working table, big flux vacuum pump.

 Application Domain:

1.Wood processing, furniture spare parts processing.

2.Abnormity cutting of the plate offfice furniture.

3.Relief sculpture processing of archaizing woodwork, free-painting door and wooden door processing.

4.Special drawings processing,flower carving,cupboard doors,

5.Acrylic plate processing,relief scuplture wooden lines.

6.wooden decorative spare parts processing. marble,high density plate cutting.

Main Technical Parameters



 Outer Dimension


 Machining Area


 Travelling Speed


 Spindle Motor

 Italian 9.5kw frequency air cooling spindleOptional 12kw  spindle

 Sindle speed


 Tool magazine

 With rotary tool magazine, with 8 pcs of HSK F63 tool holders

 Operating System

 TAIWAN LNC/Syntec control system

 Command Code

 G code(*uoo,*nc,*mmg,*plt)

 Drive System

 Yaskawa servo drive and motor

 Z MAX Feed–in


 Repeated Location


  Working Speed



 ER32(6, 12.7 ) can optional more

 Power Supply


 Net Weight


 Gross Weight


 Packing Size


 Vacuum system

 Scientific and reasonable adsorption vacuum table design

 Vacuum pump

 With BECK Pump


 Ucancam V9/ Type3

 Oil supply system

 Automatic oil supply system

 Optional device

 Dust collector


 1.Stronger table structure, high strength, ensuring the bed      undeformable.

 2.More technical processing, including second milling and multi-  times polish, keeping  high precision

 3.Stronger and scientific design for the nail plate on the Z axis

 4.THK/HIWIN 35mm straight-liner square guiding rail for three  axises , more smooth and stable running mode.

 5.The three axises driven by Taiwan TBI ball screw to ensure higher  precision.

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